Field Trip

I passed by an elementary school group going on a field trip. The teachers were trying to figure out where Berkeley Repertory theater was, and I volunteered directions. I know, it could’ve been disastrous, but honestly, the sun was shining, but it wasn’t hot, and I have such great memories of school field trips, I just had to try and help out. I felt just nostalgia and a sort of joy for them that they were going to be watching a play, and going to the public library after. My day started off better, just looking at them all in a row, swinging their bag lunches, so much to look forward to, today.


  1. That sounds super cute, bet you were sporting a huge grin.

  2. hahaha awwww bet it makes you wanna have kids of your own so you can chaperon field trips!! :P haha

  3. Hee! I used to bring special treats on field trips. Usually a bag of lemon drops or a roll of Lifesavers.

  4. heehee, you guys are funny :D i saw lots of little kids today too, it seemed like they were going to a ballgame… doesn’t seem educational?!

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