Gotta Catch ‘Em All

We got Pokémon: Pearl this weekend, partially cos it was really hot! It was in the 90s and that means our apartment is completely unbearable as only a place with little insulation and a tar roof can be. (I might’ve complained about this before, but honestly how can I help but mention that ever so lovely tar roof every time the temperature goes up and we can’t stay home during the daylight hours?) So we went to a cafe. Yut was actually doing work, but me, I needed a game! I haven’t played Pokémon since one of the ones for the GameBoy Color. And I wanna try the voip capabilities. But I don’t know anyone with Pokémon and I really don’t know how to connect to anyone or anything. All I’ve been doing is running around catching Pokémon! And earning badges! And running from city to city! It’s v. distracting.

Also, (completely unrelated) some little old lady asked me for directions today! I must look like I’m good with directions. Or maybe people are desperate. But luckily for the old lady, she had instructions written out that said to go to Bancroft and Bowditch. Well we were already on Bancroft when she asked for directions, so all I had to do was tell her that she hadn’t passed Bowditch yet and to keep going. Even I can’t get that wrong! OH YES! :)


  1. andy gave me his gameboy color, but mostly i just play tetris on it. steve makes fun of me b/c i hum to the electronic music while i play. :D

    mebbe you can play pokemon with him (i think he has it). :P

    we had pokemon stadium for n64, too. pretty fun. i think i still have it somewheres… :)

  2. Pokemon is so 90s.

  3. was it 90s or early 2000s?
    can’t remember… :P

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