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misa and neb came by yesterday, and after lunch we went bicycle browsing, cos I’m thinking about getting one. We went to the Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative where they tried to find a bike that would fit me. I haven’t ridden in years (maybe up to 20), so I’m sort of intimidated by bike riding, so I wanted a bike which could be adjusted so that my feet would touch the ground pretty easily when I’m on the seat, which isn’t the right fit at all, but I think it’d be nicer to start out with it that way. (That was a piss poor sentence!) Anyhows, we did manage to get one adjusted so that I could touch the ground on tiptoes when I’m on the seat, so I tried it out. misa tried out a bike, too. She’s thinking about getting a folding bike, but they didn’t have any there.

Trying Out Some Bikes

It’s not like my balance is great in a general sense, so starting out and stopping made me nervous — I guess you can’t forget how to ride a bicycle, but you can get wildly out of practice. Yeah, I sucked! Everyone rode circles around me! I don’t know how to shift gears! But I felt like I got better, so hope is not lost — I dunno I’m gonna go back sometime and try some other bikes and we’ll see. :p


  1. woefully better than me. i *still* don’t know how to ride a bike, and i want to! sigh…

    every year i say i’ll learn, and every year i get too intimidated and scared to try. i’m a big chicken. :D

  2. You seemed to really get it at the end after I adjusted the gears…

  3. haha cute~

  4. You’ve inspired me to get a bike too! I don’t think I know what I need/want yet though. I know what you mean about being nervous about picking it up again. I still remember that feel of center balance but it’s a little shaky.

  5. Yeah! It was way easier after you adjusted the gears! :)

  6. Thanks! And if you get a bike, I get to borrow it. I’ll try not to stain it. :p

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