Last night (well really in the wee hours of the morning, but why quibble?) I stayed up writing my first 5 page paper for the class. It was a complete struggle, and after every paragraph I grumbled about dropping the damned class. But somehow I felt like if I dropped the class after a page, it’d be like I was admitting defeat! Like I was incapable of writing a stupid essay. So I finished it and turned it in. But I’m still thinking about dropping the class cos I hate writing and summer classes are so abbreviated, and a five page essay every week is a hecka lot! Except now I kinda feel like I already spent all that time writing that essay. Gaaaaaaah! Still, knowing that I can drop this class any time makes me feel better. Or something. And I know I can’t seem to talk about anything but this, and it’s getting boring, but it feels like school and work are consuming my life right now, so it’s not like I have anything better to talk about.


  1. You’ve written one essay already. You can’t turn back now because that means you’ll be throwing away that essay (which was really good btw).:)

  2. What was the essay on? You could always try to be a big nerd and do it kind of on the early side; sometimes that makes me less grumpy. But now I guess I admitted that I can be a big nerd.

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