It’s that time again!

Whine-about-school-time that is. Yes, after 1 semester off, I am back. This time, it’s Critical Thinking, which is an English class. Which means essays! OMG! 5 of them! 5 pages each! And 4 short reaction papers! 1.5-2 pages each! Geeeezus, what did I get myself into?! The only good thing is that the class is only 6 weeks long. Only that means 1 essay per week, which is ludicrous, possibly even ludicrisp (a la Mike Tyson).


  1. Ludicrisp…hehehe

    I know you don’t like doing it but you’re a good writer. And six weeks will be over before you know it!

  2. if you don’t like writing essays, why did you sign up for an engrish class? :)

  3. psh… says the woman who is amazing at editing my papers… u can turn any C paper to an A paper… so just write some crap down, and edit edit edit, cuz you kick ass at that~ =)

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