KneeI cut my nails last night. They were prettily long (if I do say so myself), but as someone who has scratched herself awake in the middle of the night, complete with pain, blood, and scarring), well I couldn’t keep ’em. FingernailExcept I cut one of them too short, and it’s been bothering me a lot! Not enough nail, too sensitive. Except I think my threshold is weird cos Yut wasn’t impressed at all when I told him. He cuts (or bites:p) his nails down to the quick, so my nail seemed fine to him. But doooood, I’ve been feeling it all day! Yuck!


  1. UGH i HATE that feeling >_

  2. Try this: cut it down leaving more than you really want, file the rest.

    Your cuticle looks good. :)

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