It’s fun visiting CT cos she lets me go through her drawers. Sometimes I pick out something that she hasn’t worn in a while and then she says I can have it. OH YES! If anyone watches America’s Next Top Model (what? It’s a guilty pleasure. Or okay, if you read the recap on fourfour), it’s just exactly like Dionne freeloading through her go-sees except without the walking and the modeling and the running around and the freaking out. Well but totally with the getting free clothes part. Sadly she’s like 5 sizes smaller than me, so the actual selection is limited.

But she keeps letting me root through her drawers and borrow things even though every trip I stain something. This time it was soy sauce on a white linen shirt. Oops. Truly it’s a talent. I’d just like to point out that I went with her to both Trader Joe’s and Costco in the span of ONE DAY!!! :p

Oh, this is unrelated but we’ve been watching So You Think You Can Dance again. It’s good fun! :)


  1. Heehee! Gives me an excuse to shop. You liked it, that day we went to Costco and TJs. Speaking of, I need to go to TJs again, out of milk and eggs.

  2. i’m easily talented when it comes to food. one time, i had packed this huge yummy salad for myself. greens, grape tomatos, cucumbers, mango, craisins, croutons, boiled eggs, and fat-free raspberry pecan dressing.

    as i tried to stab a slippery grape tomato, it came out of the bowl, hit me on the forehead, ricocheted off my thigh (not without first making a big red raspberry stain on my ivory linen pants) and fell to the floor.

    man, THAT’s talent. :P

  3. Ha! Sounds like how I bowl or play pool. People just need to give me a wide radius or be ready to duck.

    Grape tomatoes are meant to be picked up with fingers. :P

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