Today is June 14th, who knew.

I almost missed lunch today cos I have no sense of time… or date or whatever. One of my managers is retiring soon (43 years!!!) so there was a special retirement luncheon, and I knew that June 14th was the date, no problem. Manager’s retirement lunch = June 14th in my head. But as usual, I had no idea that TODAY is June 14th. So I didn’t know until I saw a reminder email at 11:30, “Reminding you that the retirement luncheon is today at 1pm.” I like the guy who’s gonna be retiring. And I like nice food and wine in the middle of the day. So whew. :)

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  1. Hey guess what? Today is June 15th. :P

    Btw, this Sunday is Fathers’ Day!!! Don’t forget. This is a PSA for everybody really. Myself included because knowing me, I’ll remember up to the day and then promptly forget on that day.

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