Bad Day

I didn’t want to post about it ’til it was waaaay over, so this is days old news, but dooooood, Friday (the 13th, naturally) was just awful! At work, I had a hard drive failure, multiple random Blue Screens of Death, and a couple of servers crashed. OMG, how does all of that happen on one day?! So stressed.

The dude whose hard drive died lost photos and other stuffs which he hadn’t backed up in a while. I have no idea why the only copy he had of his personal photos (primarily of his kids) was on his work laptop (well ok it was probably his primary computer), but dooood, no backup?! Yeah, don’t do that. I felt pretty bad cos I know how I’d feel if I lost photos and music and whatever else.

Which leads me to Mozy (available for Windows and Mac OS X), which I’ve been using it to do backups at home. Basically, they give you 2 GB of space for free, or if you want to back up more than 2 GB you get unlimited backup space for 1 computer for $5 a month. If you use my referral link to sign up we both get 256 MB extra space, so 2.25 GB for free to start, but that’s up to you, and no big deal if you don’t of course. It’s only good on a broadband connection cos I mean, you’re backing up to some server in Utah which even on broadband will take a while. Mozy isn’t the only online backup service around, but I liked that they encrypt the data on its way to the server and while it’s on their server, both. And I can use my own password as the encryption key. But it’s no good as a file sharing thing, there are others that can serve as both I think, but not Mozy. I haven’t extensively tried another service, I picked Mozy cos of the free 2 GB trial and relatively cheap price for the amount of space I think I’m going to need (a lot). But it’s been really good so far.

I also signed up my main computer for the unlimited service, so it’s backing up 40+ GB right now, which took like a bunch of days leaving it on day and night. Yut and I actually try to back up a lot of the important stuff on each other’s computers, but I dunno, if there was a fire or something that destroyed both of our hard drives at the same time or if one of our computers got messed up before we got around to syncing up our computers, well this gives me peace of mind. I think maybe my job has made me more paranoid about data loss. :p But also one of my hard drives randomly told me it had no data on it a while back when I knew it was full of photos! So yeah, backup = good in my book.

Wow I went on a bit there. I guess I’m a little fanatical about backup, I’ll admit it. Also, I’m supposed to be working on a paper right now, so I am majorly procrastinating. :p

Some interesting articles about backup and other file storing solutions: Online Backup’s Inflection Point on A VC and The Online Storage Gang on TechCrunch, but with these services popping up all over the place, it’s impossible to list everything.

Edited to add: Mashable just did an online storage listing.


  1. wacko. sorry to hear the 13th was so bad for you! our 13th was pretty good — we brought mojo home :)

  2. Guess I oughta back up more of my stuff. It’s the photos that take up all the space.

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