Face Plant

GroadyI was blithely walking home while talking to Yut on the phone when this utility box attached to a traffic light pole came up outta nowhere and BANG! hit me on the forehead. Really hard too. And cos I was in the middle of talking, my teeth slammed together really hard and my tongue didn’t quite make it to safety. It was pretty jarring and my tongue was all bleedy for a while.

I’m like a poster child for the no talking and driving laws only I don’t drive much anymore. Also I don’t look around enough when I walk, but you know the thing is, I don’t hardly ever expect to not be able to walk under things. Now my teeth are kinda sore and tender; I hope I didn’t knock anything loose. :P


  1. Yeah… sure, came up outta nowhere. For you, it’s no talking and walking apparently. :P Geez that looks like a pretty nasty cut on your tongue. Ouch!

  2. this reminds me of the time when i came over to your dorm room and noticed this BIG black/purple bruise on your thigh and was like, “where’d you get that from?!” and you were like, “um… it was windy and…. i got knocked into a pole.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! i still tell ppl this story. i’m a good friend, i know. :D

    hope it heals ok!

  3. Youch! I keep seeing this on my flickr main page and every time it’s Youch!

    Tongue cuts are the worst. :p

  4. owwwwwwwwwwwwwww… i HATE those… it sucks to eat, talk, or do much of anything… oy

  5. i agree. time to post up a new post so this thing doesn’t pop up as the first thing i see. :|

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