I have one more paper to write, just one: a 5 page argument type paper. But it’s due on Thursday and I haven’t picked a topic. I KNOW!!! So far, I’ve written on legalization of marijuana, the partial birth abortion ban act, and the death penalty. What should I write about now?! Gawd. Suggestions welcome!!! Actually suggestions please. :p


  1. another hot topic would be the immigration debate. :P

  2. Write against using pesticides. I recall studies showing that there are more buggies in farms now than before the advent of pesticides because they kill the good bugs and other bug eaters (birds) and the bad buggies end up getting used to the pesticides anyway so now we have more buggies! Much better to use bugs like ladybugs, certain wasps, and spiders to get rid of pests.

  3. Oh and certain plants intermingled with the crops help stave off bad buggies too and some enhance the flavor of the crops as a bonus. There’s science to back it up. You’d do Alice Waters proud.

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