Class, Again

Wow it’s been forever. I think I was all writed out after that darned English class. Then we went to Vancouver (photos), and now, I’ve signed myself up for another class. Luckily this time not a 6 week long writing class, but instead calculus, for the 2nd time. I took it in high school but it was a long time ago, and I guess they like you to have taken it within the last ten years (am so aging myself here). But! That’s not even my complaint this time! I don’t even mind taking calculus; math is less scary than I used to think it was, especially since I’m only taking one class. It’s the textbook. OMG, it’s $200.10!!! I don’t remember any books at that price back in the day! (Am further aging myself.) I’m going to buy a used copy or new or something online and return this one before school starts. $200.10 is too much. Sheesh, is this normal nowadays?!


  1. that’s expensive. that’s a meal for two! :D

  2. Yeah seriously! Or 2 meals for 2! Or etc.
    I returned it, bought a used copy online for $50.

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