So Not a Morning Person

Woke up to walk Yut to the BART station this morning. Omg, there are people out at 8 in the morning on a Sunday! Chipper people, out walking dogs, walking babies, jogging, buying coffee, awake. In contrast, I’m sleepy, my hair’s a mess (that’s what I get for going to sleepy last night before my hair was fully dried), and I walk into Starbucks and I can’t figure out why it’s all dim for a minute cos I forget to take off my sunglasses. Then I get home and I try to get the key in and I can’t, then I figure out I’m trying to fit the key in upside down. Then I drop the keys. I’m so going back to bed, it’s obviously too early to be up.


  1. haha, that is too funny! i’m one of those chipper happy ppl at 8am on a sunday. :) i am usually at the gym by then. if i’m uber good, i’ll get to the gym by 7am, and i’m back home by 8:30am to walk miss mojo. :D

    sometimes on gym mornings during the weekdays, i’m up by 4:15-ish. i think i wake mojo up, too, b/c she’s yawning furiously and she looks at me like, “god, are you up already? hmph. ok, might as well potty too….”


  2. gawd when do you go to sleep?! I always thought ppl got awoken by dogs (or pets in general), not the other way around.

  3. way too early. :P

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