Fall Season is BACK!

Okay, so technically I don’t have time to watch as much TV as I do, but somehow, I manage. (I know, you’re all so proud.) So far this week, I’ve watched Beauty and the Geek (fun!) and of course America’s Next Top Model. You know what that means! Come Monday, fourfour will have the recap! YESSS! The recap is an integral part of the watching, in case you were wondering.

But you know what’s the freakiest thing? I had a weird dream about Heroes this week too. I don’t remember the dream but I definitely remember it was about Heroes cos I woke up long enough to tell Yut. It’s premiering next week, so that must be why. Also cos I have excellent taste in TV. :P

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  1. I had a freaky dream where I had 6 then 7 toes on one foot.

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