Dude, I was gonna talk (ramble, whatever) about something but I totally forgot. It’s cos I’m hungry! But I don’t know what I wanna eat, I’m indecisive.

Speaking of hunger though, the other day I was meeting misa for lunch, and I got to the place a little faster than she did, so I was waiting and looking down the (wrong) street for her when I realized I was kinda rubbing my belly thinking about what I was gonna eat! In public! Gah! Who does that!?

It’s like the woman who was auditioning for Beauty and the Geek and she kept unconsciously laughing nervously and it was kind of not so good.

Check around 8:25 into the clip.


  1. in and out! :P oo or a grilled cheese with tomato soup! hehehe

    anyway, i decided today that i think you should go audition to be a female geek on the show. you’d kick ass cuz you’re really both a beauty and geek~ hehehe

  2. Oooh that clip made me laugh til I cried. Too much!

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