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Corn Creme Brulee
It looks unprepossessing enough — just like any other crème brûlée: available everywhere, delicious when done right, sometimes disappointing. But this one has the delicious flavor of sweet, sweet corn, and it’s amazing. I wish photos could be scratch and sniff. Or better yet lickable. I don’t know why no one’s ever thought of this before, seriously. Or at least not in my experience. I’ve been to downtown three times this month on the basis of that crème brûlée, dragging misa with me twice (not that it required much dragging, the mere mention of “it haz corn flavorz” was enough). So yeah, if you’re in the area, highly recommended! :D


  1. omg sooooo delish sooo sooo delish

  2. *save*save*save* gawd i cant wait to come visit…one day… when im rich… lol

  3. K, don’t listen to ’em. It’s overrated. I’ll take you to MickeyD’s for a hot apple Mcpie. Now those r0x0rs!!

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