The Worm Gets Its Way

We bought 2 ears of organic corn at the farmer’s market. One of them was beautiful, but the other had a worm on it! A black worm maybe half an inch long on the tip area. OMG I was so groadied out! Yut had to go put the ear of corn in the bag I was using to throw away the husks and cornsilk cos after I told him the corn was making my skin crawl he didn’t feel like he could eat it either. I wanted to take a photo but not enough to reach my hand back into the bag and take out the corn. I know, I am so wimpy!

It’s cos corn is delicious; the worm knew it too. Well it’s all his now. :p


  1. Worm 1: Nothingedifying household 0

  2. ehh we had a worm in our broccoli once. my mother didn’t know until my father saw it in the pan all cooked and fried.

  3. extra protein, and at least it wasn’t wiggling. That was the groadiest part!

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