Guitar Hero III

CT called me at 11:30pm (which is fine, calling at 11:30am is worse usually:p) to chat, but at a little after 11:45 we had to cut her off cos EB Games was doing a midnight launch for Guitar Hero III (the first one available for the Wii!!!), which of course we had pre-ordered!
Line to Pick Up the Game
It came out for like every system out there (I think), but I noticed one thing: all the ones who were there with their significant others were picking up the Wii version. Bahahaha! Okay, my sample size was like the 2 or 3 couples that I noticed; details baby, details.

Anyways, for some stupid reason, the guitar isn’t available separately, so we actually bought two games, which I know is pretty nuts, but eh, these things are funner with more people, not less!
Two of 'Em
So now guess what we’re gonna go do — I just thought I’d take the time to semi-live blog it. :D

Edited to add: Have I mentioned I have no sense of rhythm? Or coordination? So I suck at all the music games (like DK Bongos etc) INCLUDING THIS ONE! But it’s fun:)


  1. haha awesome!! i like playing the one on ps2, tis funnn~although i cant get past medium…:P haha didnt know they had one for wii now~

  2. are you gonna sell the other game?

  3. If we can, I’m not sure if EB is taking the game without the guitar right now tho:\

  4. :/… and i guess theres no way you could possible stuff this into your suitcase?… haha

  5. heh i just played guitar hero 2 today. it was fun. i suck though but thats mainly cause i have no sense of rhythm either 8D

  6. yep, ben took advantage of sunday to buy it. only one tho, but you’re right — it’s challenging. there’s a muse song tho, yay! we can all play some time? (well, three of us…)

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