It started cos I needed more RAM. And a new video card. And probably a new processor. &c&c!
old computer
There it is, the old computer.

I know we coulda bought a whole new computer from Dell or HP or whatever, probably for as cheap/cheaper, and it’s not like I overclock or anything. But I thought since I could keep some of my parts it would be fine. And more interesting. So at first it was going to be processor, heatsink and fan, motherboard, graphics card, and RAM. Then I decided I needed a new harddrive cos the motherboard doesn’t have that many PATA connections. Then when we put it together, the old power supply didn’t have all the connections needed, so we had to get a new power supply. Which is practically everything! At least I kept my old case and some drives. But everything finally came all together, and it’s running beautifully now!


  1. oh my…….*blink*

  2. Yeah, I worry about this one too sometimes.

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