Candidate Match

misa and I were talking about the presidential candidates the other day, and she mentioned Dennis Kucinich, and lo and behold, like a day later I see this Slate article, Stop lying to yourself. You love Dennis Kucinich (via mingaling). And it’s true, I took USA Today’s Candidate match game and Gravel and Kucinich keep coming on top (some of the questions I’m ok with answering multiple ways). And for all the rest of the quizzes that are mentioned in the article (I like the Candidate Calculator which is similar to Pick Your Candidate), I get Kucinich too. Dang! The top three Democratic candidates (Clinton, Obama, and Edwards) and all the Republican candidates never come out on top. I kinda wish Al Gore would run, except he’s probably right, he can do more good by doing what he’s doing now instead of running for office. Pretty interesting, if slightly disheartening. But try it out, what do y’all think? (Besides that I’ve gone quiz mad:P)

Unrelated, but I’m slightly addicted to FreeRice. I hope they’re really donating rice cos if so, I have donated hecka rice!


  1. I got Gravel and then Kucinich! Ha! But some of those questions were really hard… :p

    FreeRice – that’s cute but I have a feeling it’s going to be a bit inefficient for me… my vocab isn’t the best.

  2. I get Kucinich and Gravel too. Dodd and Richardson are up there too. I wonder about the Candidate Calculator though. Does anybody think waterboarding is okay? I mean besides Bush and his mafia. Isn’t that a bipartisan issue?

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