Ready For Winter Break

Okay, so yeah, CT has broadband now (768/128 DSL but I guess for $15 a month, it’ll do), so I technically have no excuse to not post even when I’m visiting her. Especially since she posted a lot. But somehow when I’m there hanging out, playing video games and/or cards, and eating 6 meals a day (no, really, for example during the first day I was there I think I had 5 bowls of rice with meat sauce (and sides) and 3 bowls of green bean (dessert) soup, and this is not counting the V8 and other drinks I drank), the internets, it falls by the way side. And I haven’t posted up photos but CT and K have — I’m a slacker! I haven’t even really been on the computer much at night after work cos I had a math test yesterday so I had to study for that, and I played some Fire Emblem (CT didn’t “lose” the Wii after all), and I was so tired out I slept over 12 hours last night. Somehow the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks is the hardest for concentrating on anything. My mind has checked out already; I really want to have the whole time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s off.

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  1. *blink*…still no pictures! :(

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