Yut’s New Camera

Canon Powershot SD850 IS

About a month ago, we got another camera, this time a little one that’s easy to stuff in Yut’s pocket. (Or my pocket. Y’know, whatever.) Officially, since the D50 is sorta my camera, although we both use it (Yut snickered here), this new one (a Canon Powershot SD850 IS) is officially Yut’s cos I couldn’t justify owning two cameras. I know, I know, what’s the difference, but I dunno, that’s the kind of logical I am! The good thing about it is that I generally just stick it in my backpack so I have it with me a lot of the time, and we both pick it up to take pictures of like feet (ok that’s more a me thing) and other random photos more often. Obviously, the image quality isn’t at all as nice as the D50, but considering the price/weight difference well… it’s all about the trade-offs I guess. Anyways, we’re both pretty happy with it. You can see my photos and tons of sample photos taken by lots of other people on flickr. We also considered the Canon Powershot SD870 IS which is similar but has a wider angle lens, but it was more expensive and we didn’t think we cared about the differences. (Wide angle is when you zoom farther away (good for scenery, like sunsets, and architecture, like houses, for example), telephoto is when you zoom closer. There’s a better explanation, but I’m not equipped to give it. :p) I think for a small camera at this price range (<$250) it's one of the better ones out there, although I can't help but look at the Sony DSC-T2 with all those colors and 1gb of built in memory for $350 or so with a little gadget lust. (Although I don’t know anything about that camera other than it’s new and colorful.) (And I just like gadgety things anyway, it’s a weakness of mine.)


  1. sniff sniff
    *mad jealous*

  2. I know this is unrelated to the camera, but I just wanted to call attention to the “Buy Mii a Wii” video link on YouTube. Hilarious! I had to watch it twice. Maybe I’ll watch it again. He’s talented in a scary nerdy-dorky kinda’ way. hehehe

  3. Yeah that video was pretty awesome:)

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