Flickr Uploadr 3.0
There’s a new version of Flickr Uploadr out. It allows for a lot more options for labeling and organizing photos before you even sign into flickr. I only tried it once so far, but I’d definitely recommend it to first time users and upgraders, it’s better. I know, I am all ad-like, but I dunno, it’s a good upgrade, makes the uploadr more useful.

Also, pro users can see stats now — I love stats so I’m happy (via Lifehacker), and I never saw the Edit Photo option on top of the photos until today but you can edit photos directly from flickr using picnik now too (more info is available on the Flickr Blog). I don’t know how much I am actually gonna use this though cos I’m used to Picasa now, and I like to edit photos before deciding if I’m going to bother putting it up. But we’ll see. :)