Mission Accomplished

So I finally finished Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on easy mode last night (well ok, early this morning). It took almost 40 hours according to my save file. But I know of at least one night when Yut realized I fell asleep playing so who knows how many of those hours are for real. On the other hand, I had to reload a bunch cos I killed characters I didn’t want to kill. So ok, like a work week’s worth of play time. On top of my regular work week! And class! I feel accomplished. :)


  1. Would you suggest it to others?

  2. Yeah I totally would! It’s fun!

    But it probably doesn’t take enough advantage of the Wii (motion control, character creation, etcetc — I bet this game would play just as well on a DS with the removal of a few pretty cut scenes). Still, I don’t care, I liked it for what is is — a fun tactical RPG. I have to say though, I played through on Easy no problem, it was fine, but Normal is a lot harder. Still fun, just harder. Yut and I are thinking about getting the GameCube version too.

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