Y’know, I thought the bad weather was done for the winter — I thought everything was all good. But no, it was just one day of reprieve. Today the rain came down hard, and I coulda sworn the wind kept changing direction, so it wasn’t even possible to point my umbrella the right way for long. Short story short, I broke it, my damn umbrella that is. It’s now an unbrella (from Un Lun Dun by China Miéville, fun book). I was walking along an hour or so after noon, and the wind just flipped it inside out and in surprise my arm was pulled backwards so the (now) unbrella was pointing behind me, and oops there was someone there holding a box (thankfully I think it was still in plastic) of chocolate who now had water coming down on her from the rain and a nice extra large stream from my umbrella too, like she’d said, “oh I’d like extra water with my rain please!” Lovely, I’m sure. I got the feeling that she didn’t blame me, but it didn’t make her day any nicer or make her any less grumpy. The splines (or what are the metal parts called?) were all bent up and the whole thing wouldn’t stay open for longer than a few seconds, less if there was any wind. So yes, lovely. Also, my feet were wet all day today again. And after the umbrella broke, my pants too, the legs all the way up, and most of my coat. I keep thinking about wellies (or galoshes!) but the moment I think I’m going to go buy a pair the rain sort of stops so then I think it’s not worth it. Also I’m a little shopped out, even for shoes — I know I know, shock and awe!

Oh yeah, and I’m taking umbrella recommendations if you have one that would fit in a large handbag that’s strong, or whatever makes a good umbrella. Or if you have a fave umbrella. Whatever, tell me about it!

Isn’t it awesome how you can expect at least a couple of weather related posts every winter, like I’m surprised by the cold and rain, AGAIN?! :D

Completely unrelated (I’m totally a tangent loving dilettante-type — is that redundant?) but dude if I ever start spilling my drink, then there’s a good chance I’m not sober cos good lord, who wastes their drink like that?!


  1. Give this a try:

    It’s probably a little pricey but worth it. I have the full size golf umbrella model. They say it withstands winds of 55+ mph. Now I haven’t used it in such high winds but it’s very sturdy.

  2. I’ve heard that double canopy umbrellas fare better under windy conditions. Or maybe a raincoat would be good too.

    What kind of drink?

  3. yeahh… my luck with small umbrellas that could fit in my bag hasnt exactly been that great. ive just learned to hold it by the top and make sure i got it going against the wind.:( boo rain+wind

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