Cooking with Mama

Ever since misa lent us Cooking Mama: Cook Off for the Wii, Yut and I haven’t been able to cook without saying, “just like mama!” every time we do something right and “good not mine!” every time we drop something. Except we don’t really do her accent right; I dunno what that accent is, but it’s funny.

I don’t know if Cook Off is worth the full price cos there aren’t that many recipes and you can finish the game pretty fast, but if you can find it used, it’s awesome, really fun. I guess it’s pretty worth it if you want a minigame type game. It’s better than the first DS version of Cooking Mama (haven’t tried the second), cos it’s fun to do things with the wiimote. Also, the Wii version seems like it’s trying to show you how the actual cooking is done, although sometimes, chopping garlic is a step all by itself, which seems a bit silly. The DS version has a lot of weird parts during cooking, like blowing on the pot while I’m boiling pasta, stuff that’s there just to give you something to do.The DS version has way more recipes though, and it’s pretty fun too, good for a few recipes before bed. :)

Cooking Mama!


  1. mannn i’ve been wanting to play that game for soooo long!!!

  2. i say “good not mine” all the time.

  3. Do you learn any cooking techniques you can use in real life? I mean, do they teach you cool stuff like on Alton Brown? Or are there recipes you can try on real food?

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