Ode on an Ice Cream Carton

Today the weather was really nice, 60s! Perfect for ice cream!
Azuki Ice Cream
Actually I’m a total liar, we got that carton like a week ago, when the weather was bad. Maeda-en is my fave brand of azuki ice cream (to date, I’m willing to try others!) and it’s quite quite delicious. I know it says “Party Size” but it’s just me — Yut doesn’t like the azuki flavor (foolish fool with foolishly foolish taste buds!). Oh yes! More for me! :D


  1. 1. That article “Make Firm Decisions to be Happier” was a very good read.

    2. That is a good tub of ice cream but you are a greedy glutton for buying the Party Size instead of the individual pint. Well maybe I’m projecting my own inadequacies onto you. Y’see, if that was me, I’d probably polish off the whole thing in one sitting.

  2. lol, ct~
    what’s azuki taste like?

  3. azuki is red bean! Like hong dou. You know you like it! :)

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