Rain, Copious Rain

When I moved to NorCal, where people put on their wellies when it’s drizzling out, I made fun of the weather wimps. I thought seriously, wellies? It drizzled for a minute this morning! But omg, we’re having the worst rainy, humid, cold weather I can remember (around here), and I am totally seeing the appeal. My feet have felt damp and cold all day. The wetness just seeps in everywhere, cold and clammy. Although maybe it’s like central air, just not enough days in the year when you need it to justify it.


  1. Seriously, “wellies?” :P

  2. i didn’t know what wellies were until I looked ’em up. Galoshes! But wellies sounds nicer. :)

    yesh, i’m avoiding going outside mostly. :p

  3. what ARE “wellies”????

  4. hehe uh oh, I meant wellington boots, don’t people call them wellies? :p

  5. Maybe on your planet. Julie and I, we don’t speak freekazoid.

  6. haha- i never heard of wellies…

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