It’s not like I mean to neglect this blog, it’s just that lately I go home, I eat, I hop in bed. I know, sounds healthy doesn’t it? I think I’ve been doing that a lot since winter, especially when I’m cold. Although last night I read Sorcery & Cecelia by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer (ok I read Sorcery and Cecelia previously, but I read the sequels The Grand Tour and The Mislaid Magician last night, and there’s no point talking about the sequels if I don’t mention the first book) which is a perfectly lovely book and series. I don’t think you have to read them in order, but I like to. It’s marketed for Teens or something, so it’s an easy read but lots of fun, like Jane Austen Regency period style but with magic. Anyways, I’ve gone off on a tangent.:p

Okay, and it’s not even that I don’t have anything to talk about — well I mean, I mostly blather about nothing so in a sense I don’t have anything to talk about, but that doesn’t really mean that I can’t blog if you see what I mean — sometimes, I do intend to blog about something, but I just don’t get around to it (see above, re: go home, eat, hop in bed). I just thought I’d post this explanation cos I’m caving into pressure from K (not that it took much). Btw, dude, K, did you read about Hello Kitty Online (via little. yellow. different.)? I totally signed up for the invitation beta. :p

Also, I got a new phone, the AT&T Tilt (it’s a re-branded HTC 8925 I think); you know how I feel about gadgets (puffy pink heart lurve, in case you don’t know). It’s my first smartphone I think, so the novelty with the email and the web surfing and the calendaring and whatnot hasn’t quite worn off yet. But dude, it is so convenient! There are so many sites that have mobile versions, photos can get sent to flickr, texting is easier, etc etc. The only bad things about the phone are its size (rather large) and the fact that AT&T seems to have removed Terminal Services Client (it’s running Windows Mobile 6 so I think the remote desktopping program should be built in) which is ridiculous. Of the two, I think size is probably the bigger problem, but I really hate how phone companies think that removing capabilities from phones is a great idea. Or ok, those are the bad points that I can think of right now — maybe someone with more smartphone knowledge would have more to say. Anyways, it’s actually a contributor to the whole hang out in pjs in bed thing. Cos I don’t even have to get up to read blogs and check email anymore. I can just lie in bed watching tv, eating ice cream, and web surfing even easier than ever before! Oooh yes! (Or oh no, I’m not quite sure, really.)

AT&T Tilt


  1. haha i’ve been waiting to see the new gadget! it looks really cool!… yeah i’ve kinda thought about investing in one of those things cuz they’re just helpful sometimes, but then i think about the size and all and just run from the idea. and NOOOO i havent heard about this hellokitty game… but im gonna look into it more… heeheehee =^.^= *excited now*

  2. Hello Kitty MMORPG is disturbing.

  3. Yeah stupid phone is bigger than the Canon point and shoot camera I have. There’s something wrong about that.

    Also, Hello kitty MMORPG is disturbingly tempting is what it is. :)

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