Super Bowl — Wow

Football’s another one of those sports that I really half watch just the championship. I mean, let’s admit it, it’s a snoozefest a lot of the time, and the whole “at least the commercials are good” is less and less true. There were a couple of good-ish ads (I dunno why myspace, sheesh). I liked the Bridgestone ad with the animals the best I think, but it’s not a big deal like it was before. But this year, wow, the game was exciting — especially the last quarter, when the lead changed a bunch of times. Also, it’s nice if the team you’re rooting for (Giants for this game:p) wins in a close game, 17-14. Even though I picked the Giants basically cos they were the underdogs cos it’s funner that way. (Well maybe also cos I somehow don’t like Belichick, the Pats coach.) Yeah anyways, regardless of the reason you pick a team to root for, if you’re going to watch a sports game, pick an arbitrary (or not so arbitrary) team/person to root for cos it makes it a lot more interesting. Also, it really helps if you have a DS. Yut and I sat side by side playing Puzzle Quest, which is a game that you can look up from anytime cos it’s sorta like Bejeweled but with RPG-ish elements, so it’s better, the whole afternoon. And now there’s a brand new episode of House. Awesome. :D


  1. I turned on the tv in time to catch Tom Petty sing during the half-time show. Woohoo! Then, I turned it back off when they started to talk about football again.

  2. Gotta love that play with Eli dodging the sack and going for that long throw

    go go laptops, i missed house, didn’t feel like watching


  3. haha puzzle quest and football XD

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