I like Cinderella Stories, My Bracket Doesn’t.

Actually, the problem is that where I picked the underdog (George Mason and Baylor, I’m looking your way), they lose, and where I pick the favorite, they lose (USC, I’m calling you out). Well, I guess if I can’t get the points, at least it’s exciting when Cinderella wins or comes close to it. (Belmont shoulda beat Duke, seriously.)

After one day of play with 16 games, the results leave something to be desired, so to speak.
First Round, Day 1
In first place, all by himself, Yut with 15 points, which means he only missed 1 outta the 16 games that were played!
In second place, Lew and Yan, with 14 points.
In third place, Ant and K, 13 points.
In fourth, CT, Jimyo, and me, 12 points.
In fifth, also known as next to last, we got Al and Seth at 11 points.
And shocker of shockers, misa, who was third last year and second the year before that, and the winner the first time around, is currently in last with 10 points.

Still though, the point spread is not large, so there is hope yet. Sixteen more games tomorrow, maybe UNC will lose, and Yut (and many others of you!) will cry. Yeah, I wanna see tears, buddies.


  1. Yup, you read that right, there’s still hope. Keep the dream alive! Keep on truck’n! The glass is still half full! Give it your 110%!

  2. OOoooh this boils my blood!

    I’m not losing heart yet. It’s too early to tell yet (ahem, Tigs)! I’m going home tonight to do a bracket-winning dance.

  3. what happened to bowing out this year?!?!

    it was the one and only time i would ever root for duke to win. :P

    p.s. where’s stevo’s bracket? :( i have to see where i compare to him so the trash talking can begin!

  4. omg what the deuce?!

    j/k. :)

  5. hehehehe:)

    I like how the competition for first is as close as the competition for last…

  6. Oh man, Drake hurt me bad. I really need San Diego to take out Connecticut to minimize the pain. Your leader of righteous goodness might fall to the heathens of the no-nothing pool.

  7. Holy guacamole! SD did it!

  8. crap i just lost like 20 points now

  9. -_-;; i knew i should’ve picked based on cutest mascot and prettiest color. it got me in second place once!… mannn…

  10. I don’t think either of you (T and K) are doing as badly as you think.

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