Battle for Last!

It seems as though there are a lot of you that think it’s better to be last than to be mediocre. Every now and then, there’s a change at the top, but it seems as though there’s a new person at the bottom every day!
Round 2
Ant: 59
CT(!): 55
Seth: 53
Special K, Lew, Yut: 52
me: 51
Al, misa: 50
Steve: 48 (38)
Yan: 45
Jimyo: 41

Ant somehow managed to pick Western Kentucky; I’m starting to think of Biff and that sports almanac. Hmmph. Also Special K, Lew, and Yut are tied!!! Ha, the ones most likely to talk trash, tied! In the exciting bottom of the pool, Jimyo is making a run for last — he really might beat Steve with his -10 penalty.


  1. YES!!! YESS!!! YESSSS!!! Muah muah muah I love you all. I’d like to thank my parents, the Tennessee Sim family, who believed in me, and my loving pet iguana. (now Ant get outta the way) :P

  2. battle for last, eh.

  3. ahhhh hahahahah tied with the two dorks~ :-P
    and what?! ct?!… lmao…

  4. GAH! Me, Spec, and Lew! “What the deuce!”

  5. Apparently this is what happens when you don’t actually follow college basketball when you normally do. I think this is the first time ever I’ve lead any NCAA bracket at the sweet 16 mark. And not only here, but in a pool I’m also doing. I think there is a lesson for me here….

    And yes… I have no idea what I was thinking when I picked Western Kentucky for the sweet 16. There is usually one Cinderella. That combined with doing this quickly Thursday morning, some starts must have been aligned somewhere in the universe. Okay…it was just luck, but I’ll take it. Now if only I could use this luck for the lottery….

  6. starts = stars… sheesh

  7. HELL YEAZ last place is the coolest of em all

  8. I think my 3rd place will be short lived.

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