Brackets, incl. the Winner’s

With no further ado:

Al: UNC. He decided this all in 15 minutes this morning.

Anthony: UNC. I’m not sure how much of nothing he knows, we’ll have to see!

CT: Tennessee. After much “research” and “deliberation.”

Jimyo: Georgetown. I had to talk him out of picking UT-Arlington over Memphis! (His reply to my remonstration: “Ok, hf.”) :p

Special K
Special K: UNC. Luckily for her, Air Force wasn’t in the tournament this year, so she couldn’t pick them to go all the way.

Lew: UNC, in an all ACC final.

misa: UCLA. Totally got the bracket in to me way early this year — 1am Thursday. :)

Seth: UNC. He had hours during Thursday morning to think about this, so I really didn’t need to send the extra “reminder” (read “nag”) email. Oops.

Yan: UCLA. As she says, nowhere to go but up! :)

Yut: UNC.

And finally:
mim: Kansas. I always pick ’em, they always let me down, I don’t even know why I keep picking them anymore except out of sheer stubbornness. One year I’m gonna be right!!! Sorry, I usually try and post my bracket up before the deadline, but I did upload it before midnight last night, just didn’t post.

Okay, that’s all, good luck everyone! Except UNC!


  1. UNC?! I deliberated hard! Watched dozens of recaps! Read all the experts opinions! You UNCers, you’re nuts!

  2. random guessing will always prevail :p

  3. Watch Kansas pull it off this year finally. I’m glad all the Know-Nothings picked UNC because they’re gonna LOSE! My research didn’t lead me to pick ’em either. :)

  4. don’t hate~
    they’re supposed to teach em how to FLY in the airfoce… stupid ppl…
    yuli didn’t join in on the fun this year?

  5. btw ct, your research is the one that brought about origami paper towel bleach-coffee filters with a cvs next door :-P

  6. I emailed her, and then I reminded Jimyo, and then I nagged Jimyo to remind her (nagging is my theme this year), but I didn’t get a bracket unless I missed it… So Yuli, if you sent one, lemme know. :)

  7. Actually, the reminder “nag” e-mail was rather timely…

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