I realized I made a mistake with the pointage. Well I never claimed to be any good at arithmetic. (That’s the official excuse.) Basically I added the total through Round 2 Day 1 to the Round 2 (Days 1 and 2) scores instead of the total through Round 1 (Days 1 and 2) plus Round 2 (Days 1 and 2). That was confusing, but whatev, the point is, I double checked the numbers and fixed things. Which goes to show, you should be calculating your own numbers just in case! Aaaand! To add to the excitement, Shio emailed his bracket to me last week and said, “Am I too late?” which I took to mean that he’s know-nothing enough for this pool. But I am doing that same thing, subtracting all the points unless everyone called it right from the first 2 rounds (since those are the games that he missed). I don’t know how he can catch up, but Jimyo is making quite a concerted effort for last, so you never know! :)

Round 2 Corrected
The new, correct standings:
Ant: 45
Lew, Yut: 44
CT, Seth: 43
Special K: 42
mim: 41
Shio: 41 (but actually 9)
misa: 40
Steve: 40 (but actually 30)
YB: 39
Al: 38
Jimyo: 33
Sorry if I got anyone’s hopes up, or ruined anyone’s week from the stress of doing poorly. Like Yut who couldn’t believe he was so far down that he couldn’t possibly win. But no worries, he’s feeling much better now. :p

Okay, now that that’s done, here are the scores for the Sweet Sixteen round (yesterday and today’s games). There weren’t too many, so I just put them all together in one update. Also it’s harder to confuse me this way. And I had Yut calculate the Points Already Lost, which is just as it sounds: the future points you can’t possibly get cos the team you picked is out already.
Sweet Sixteen
Ant: 63 — 4 points already lost
Yut: 62 — 4
misa: 61 — 4
Special K: 60 — 4
Lew: 59 — 14
mim: 59 — 0 HAHA!
Shio: 56 (24) — 0
CT: 55 — 28 (!!!)
Steve: 55 (45) — 4
Yan: 54 — 0
Seth: 52 — 8
Al: 50 — 0
Jimyo: 42 — 22
The one with the most Points Already Lost is CT, which I think really explains her email Thursday night, “I hate basketball.” Yeah, 28 points — there are only 36 left! Both of her final two teams, Tennessee and UConn are out. Jimyo’s 22 Points Already Lost is almost as bad since he has Georgetown winning it all. Almost everyone else is 8, 4, or 0 (except Lew the outlier with 14, still only half of CT’s), so CT and Jimyo are in a class of their own, really. At this point he is losing to Steve (45 points) who turned his bracket in late! My goodness, he might even lose to Shio! Sheesh.

On the upper end of the standings, Yut is in second, now only 1 point behind Ant, which I suppose is nice since there’s a bit of a fight at the top end now. And misa! Goodness gracious, she fought up from last by calling every single Sweet 16 game correctly except for Davidson, which no one called anyways. I guess there is a battle at the top after all!


  1. Yeah, well… I’ll show you!! Next year, I’m making a comeback. Was just throwing ya’ll a bone this year.

  2. whoops

    i mean, i did that on purpose, didn’t you know, having less points mean’s your winning [size=2pt]in hearts T.T[/size]

  3. i was about to say, i can’t possibly be losing to CT.

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