Okay, it’s a bad picture, but I took it and now everything is bandaged, so that’s that. I fell on the road and slipped halfway across it! Talent is what that is.


  1. sigh… and you always say I’m being silly when I tell you to be careful about becoming a bathroom statistic.

  2. Yikes, be careful… I did that when I was 12, and I have the scar to prove it…

  3. Ouch! It must smart. I want to ask how but I don’t think I’d get it anyway. :P Listen to Tigs. It may sound funny, but don’t think he’s joking.

  4. Holy crap! Does it match the other one you got when you fell outta the car getting out that one nite?!?! =P
    Where’s Yut when you need him to catch you from falling??

  5. i always think you’re talented when it comes to these things. remember when we all went skiing (maybe back in 1999?) and we were at the bunny slope b/c none of us knew how to ski, and you somehow managed to generate enough momentum down the bunny slope to keep on going and going down the hill until you reached the bottom and managed to slide UNDERNEATH the fence — the fence that kept *most* ppl from going into the parking lot???

    good times. :D

    (yes, i still remember that.)

  6. or the time i came to visit you in the dorm and saw a huge bruise on your thigh and asked how you got it and you said you ran into a pole because it was windy that day? :)

    yes, mckeldin really was a wind tunnel. :P

  7. now that’s some talent right there :-P

  8. The real question is can you the city of Berkeley? =)

  9. ahh… can you sue the city of Berkeley? Someone needs coffee…

  10. wow thats amazing. then again we all have our clutsy days

  11. Lemme just add to Yan’s stories… there was this one time I was visiting Berkeley and she’s walking next to me one minute and gone the next. I turn around and she’s wrestling with a bush saying something about how a branch snagged her. “It came out of nowhere!”

    And then there’s all the times when she’s just slipping and sliding down the sidewalk like there’s ice on the ground, in Berkeley.

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