Hey all, the brackets are due tomorrow! At 12:15pm EST or 9:15am PST latest! So to the 3 of you who already turned in your work, thanks! To the rest of you, y’all better be thinking hard about your brackets! And as ever, I’ll help you out with 1 hint: don’t pick 16 seeds over 1 seeds in the first round. I mean, it might happen someday, but it hasn’t yet.

Also, I noticed a lot of you telling Yut he’s going down. Which is great! (Sorry babe. Sorta.) But how come no one’s defended my prizes?!!?!??!?!?!?!!? :D


  1. There’s no point in sinking down to the level of the unwashed rabble. Nothing but a bunch of squirrels waiting to see if I’ll throw out some scraps for them to fight over.

  2. Ah what’s with all the hate?! Forget it, I’m in!

    CT should be required to annotate her bracket with the “reasoning” behind her choices. Hilary Duff was born in Texas, hence Texas and Texas A&M will make it to the Final Four.

    speck should submit hers, with all the teams, in lowercase. and poor grammar 2 make it easy read’n 4 us’alls.

    Lew, way to pick a loser and continue to blindly support ’em. Bet you’re wishing Bush could run for a third consecutive term, eh?

    Yan, no comment…

  3. omg, <slap> <slap> <slap> <slap>

  4. Bahahah! You knew Hilary Duff was born in TX! Just prepare for my win. I better get a good prize that’s all I have to say about your prizes. A box of tissues donated to Tigs in my name sounds about right.

  5. HAR HAR HAR. you’re so funny tigs, im doing a CT laugh.
    no need to be so bitter now. you still have a few more weeks before you should start crying.

  6. hey tigs, u forget that out of all of the contestants last year, i was probably the only one that was enrolled in a NCAA tourney school, and i was loyal to my team.
    i mean, you haven’t been in college for decades or something so i understand if you don’t remember what that’s like.

    however, don’t associate me with bush or i will kill you

  7. Hahahahaha, he just called you old, tigs! :)
    “decades or something” “don’t remember” bahahahahaha
    Gawd, now I look like I’m not taking my work seriously cos I’m cracking up here.

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