No More Cinderella

Well that’s that. For the first time ever, all four #1 seeds have made it out of the regionals into the Final Four. Blech! The funny thing is, there were 2 games between 1 and 3 seeds, and 1 between 1 and 2 seeds, but none of them were even close. It was the 1 (Kansas) vs. 10 (Davidson) game that went down to the wire, 59-57. Go fig.

Elite Eight
Yut: 74
misa: 73
me: 71
SpecK: 68
Shio: 68 (36)
Ant, Lew: 67
Al, Yan: 66
Steve: 63 (53)
Seth: 60
CT: 59
Jimyo: 46

Important things first: for the first time ever I am in the running!!! I think if Kansas wins I really have a chance! Same with misa, if UCLA wins, then she has a chance. I really can’t figure out how she manages every year to be in the running, especially this year when she was at the bottom at some point. Yut needs UNC to win, then he’ll win. I’m still hoping UNC loses! But I’ve been saying that since the beginning and it hasn’t worked out so well, so I dunno. Actually come to think of it, if Kay (who’s in fourth somehow) had picked Memphis to win, she might’ve had a chance too. But as it is, she picked UNC so there’s no way. I guess it just all comes down to who picks the winner, and maybe the final 2 if Memphis wins it all.

For the rest of y’alls: Shio should’ve turned his in on time cos he’s tied with SpecK! And ahead of Ant and Lew, both of whom were in first at some point, now tied. Al and Yan are tied, but both beating Steve, who also turned in his bracket late, but surprisingly not last cos Jimyo has basically sewn that up. I mean, he can’t get any more points, and no one’s even close to how low he is. CT can’t get any points either but I suppose she’s ahead of Jimyo at least (and Shio and Steve). Seth is down there too, but he can still earn points so he’s definitely going to do better than the jokers at the bottom. Maybe one year some crazy games will happen, but not this year (this year if you picked chalk you woulda done well which is ZzzZzZzz). It woulda been awesome if Tennessee beat Louisville and then beat UNC for instance… the standings woulda been crazy different! :p


  1. I hate basketball. Oh wait… I think I said that before. Jimyo, thanks. :)

  2. LOL, man… i really want unc to win… esp for my bracket at work…
    but at the same time,i want tigs to lose so bad… i am so willing to boo unc for his lost.

  3. hooray for not being last 2 years in a row. :)

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    I’m in a ranking of my own

  5. I won’t be able to watch the games today… will be inspecting basset hounds instead.

  6. I think that was much funner, actually. Bassets are cute, final 4 games were boring.

  7. omg did you win, mim?!? Nice job sticking it out with Kansas, now I feel silly! I think it was the pic I sent you tho… (=

  8. YEAH TOTALLY! And I love that pict. :)

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