Topsy Turvy

We went to see a play this afternoon, and sat behind an old(er) couple. Partway through the play, the old man (who must’ve been somewhat deaf) said, “Did I fall asleep? Was I snoring?” to which his wife loudly (but not as loudly as he was) whispered, “Yes.” He snorted and then said, still in a only slightly quieter than normal voice, “Well I guess this play can’t be any good, huh?” We had a hard time not cracking up; so teh awesome.

It was actually a little teeny bit hard to get ourselves out to the play today cos it was at 2pm and Stanford and Marquette were going at it. When we left, Marquette was winning, when we came back, we found out Stanford won in overtime. It’s games like that that make this tournament exciting. Also the fact that there are 2 games tomorrow featuring 12 and 13 seeds! Whoda thunk they’d still be in! Well, obviously some of you did, but I certainly didn’t. Which helps explain my standing in the pool, really.

Round 2, Day 1
Ant: 35
Lew, Yut: 34
CT, Seth: 33
Al, Special K: 32
Jimyo, me: 31
misa: 30
Steve: 30 (20)
YB: 29

I dunno what happened! Ant came outta nowhere! I can’t understand how some people manage to call almost every game right. Yut did it on the first day, and now Ant today missed only W. Virginia over Duke. On the other side of the coin, Yan, who was tied for 2nd place, ahead of Steve, ahead of almost everyone, is now at the bottom (well I mean if you look at Steve’s unpenalized score). OMG, what’s going on?! Speaking of which, I am tied with Jimyo! Who made his picks while doing his homework Wednesday night with no real thought whatsoever. Dude, I deliberated!!! I thought about it for 3 days (on and off). If I end up losing to Jimyo by like 1 point or something, I’ll be sorry I talked him into picking Memphis over UT-Arlington. I think I might rather lose to K, who at least this year thought enough about it not to pick 13th seeded Air Force to win it all. (Wait, this is actually a toughie. Hrmm…) Anyways, most of the rest of y’all are steady, except Al, who’s making a surreptitious move up without attracting much attention. Except now I pointed it out. :)


  1. I’m too scared to open my mouth. I want trashtalk to come out but I’m too nervous. So nervous I even hesitated before clicking on this site. THERE’S TOO MUCH AT STAKE!!!

  2. hahahahaha
    hey!… i hope you do lose to me! hmph! lol
    speaking of losing, i’m so excited to see that tigs isn’t in first no more! ^.^
    at this point i could care less about winning, as long as tigs loses :-P
    i spent last night watchin the pitts and ucla with my dad and screamin at the tv. he’s been lookin through my bracket tellin me how bad im gonna lose. I told him i’d bet him $5 next year if he fills one out :-P

  3. i spend 3 mins (maybe) each year picking my brackets and i guess it shows :).

    go ucla!

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