What the Deuce Indeed

So the first thing is, Steve’s mail didn’t come through or something cos he thought he sent me his bracket but I didn’t get anything. So here’s his bracket so Yan can gloat or not, as appropriate. :)
He picked UCLA. Thank goodness not another UNC.

Since it was late, I’m using the late rules I’ve used before, which is that if the game started before I got the bracket, then you get 0 points regardless of if you got it right or wrong UNLESS everyone else got it right in which case you can get the point. I was just going to disqualify him from the win (cos seriously, not like he — or anyone else — gives a shit) to make it so I didn’t have to calculate all that, but Yut helped me, so it turns out that he is -10, which is possibly tantamount to a disqualification, but whatev, if he does brilliantly and wins, that’s all the more brilliant. Actually, that reminds me of the year it happened to misa (although only a few hours late, not a whole day) and she still came in second. Hmmph.

Okay, now the scores:
Round 1
Lew, Yut: 26
Jimyo, Seth, YB: 23
Special K: 22
Ant, CT, me: 21
Al, misa: 20
Steve: 12 (or 22)

After a whole days worth of craziness (seriously look at the swaths of pink denoting the games that were called wrong), with 2 sets of 12 and 13 seeds going up against one another in the next round, somehow, Yut and Lew are expanding their leads. It’s unbelievable, honestly. The only thing that would’ve been more unbelievable would’ve been if Memphis lost to UT-Arlington and Jimyo didn’t get the point(s) cos I talked him out of it — thank goodness that didn’t happen. Also thank goodness for Steve, or I would be next to last, which somehow feels more ignominious than last — last is at least the worst, nothing worster, if that makes sense. Thanks to Steve, I’m now somewhere in the middle (<sigh> as always), and Al and misa are next to last. Dude, at this point, if someone can overtake Steve for last, I think I may have to come up with a prize for that. At least a loser’s handshake. :p

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  1. FUCK YEAH did you see that shot?! that shot was sooooo sexay~…
    but you’re 3 hrs behind… so you better make sure you see that shot! cuz it was sooo fuckin hot~~~

    …boo pitt though… :(

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