113 exactly!Dude, we went to the grocery store today, and bought a whole bunch of junx cos we used zipcar (which is totally recommendable!) so we didn’t have to calculate how much we could carry in the backpacks. I only put up a shortened scan cos it looks too nuts to have the whole thing on a post cos I don’t have that much to say about grocery shopping and it looks stupid if the photo is way long with nothing next to it, all dangly like. I put up the whole thing just in case anyone is curious, which I doubt. But anyways, grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon is completely mundane. The cool part is that the total bill came out to $113 exactly! As in one one three point zero zero! That’s never happened to me before! So I thought I’d share. I know, I know, I am way too easily amused. :p


  1. yummm mangos… even yummier, ramennn
    thats cool
    hehe is tax already calculated into the stuff?

  2. I think there wasn’t any tax. I think most grocery items aren’t taxed… the vegetables and other raw ingredients for example. Usually processed stuff is taxed. Although I’m not sure how to explain the ramen and the canned sardines. We should ask CT, I’m not explaining this v. well. Cos I don’t know what I’m talking about really. :D

  3. i’ve had a bill come up to $40.00 exact for groceries and i thought it was cool, too. steve was just like, (pat me on the head) yes, dear. :|

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