OH YES! Kansas!

So FINALLY! FINALLY! the Kansas Jayhawks managed to not let me down. Every year I pick them to go far, every year they get knocked out. This year, I have to confess, I picked them partially out of sheer stubbornness. I mean I thought they were good, but some part of me kind of thought they would choke and I’d be screwed again. But they didn’t! They were wonderful! Completely blew out UNC in a snoozefest of a Final Four (Memphis also beat UCLA rather handily), then beat Memphis in overtime. Overtime! Good stuff, really. And luckily no one else believed in them either. At least not in this pool. So… I roxored it, is basically what happened.

Final 4 and Final
So the final official standings:
me: 85!!!
yut: 74
misa: 73
SpecK: 68
Ant, Lew: 67
Al, YB: 66
Seth: 60
CT: 59
Steve: 59 (69)
Jimyo: 46
Shio: 45 (74)

So… by turning in his bracket so late (missing the first two rounds entirely except for the points that everyone got), Shio saved Jimyo from being last! And only by 1 point! Geesh. CT is tied with Steve for second to last, also because Steve turned his in late. So yay? But you know what’s really yay? Let me just repeat, I WIN! And you know what, in fact, I had it sewn up by the Final Four cos no one called Memphis to the Finals and hardly anyone called Kansas. So yeah. And I already picked my prize, Yut’s gonna take me to Chicago. Okay we sort of planned it anyways, but now it’s my prize. And I got a handshake from Yut already. And now I’m the champion until next year. Gosh, I don’t think I’m going to get sick of that. :)

Last thought:
misa sent that to me; I think it’s apropos.


  1. hilarious! hooray for winning. i picked kansas last year, and they screwed me, so hooray for stubbornness. and hooray for de-throning the yut. :)

    and hooray to me for not being last again this year! :D

    (unfortunately, this means i CAN go down next year. :()

  2. I’m making a horrible face.

  3. hahah YAY!!!! tigs didn’t win!!! :-P
    oh yeah and congratz to you for winning
    lol~ what’s so cool in chicago?

  4. I think that photo is great:)

    I dunno what’s in Chicago exactly — Yut’s doing a conference there and I’m flying out for the weekend — should be fun! For me. :p

  5. woooot! congrats, it’s a good prize. :)

    ben has a look of being forced to pose for that picture. hehehe.

  6. yeah, it’s great! :D
    The photo that is.

  7. Congrats! (bah! stupid tournaments.)

    You already got a winner’s handshake, how come you get a trip + dinner out of this too?

  8. Enjoy! We will be in the Chicago area in later May.

  9. D: i didn’t get last

  10. It was still a valiant effort:p

  11. I haven’t commented yet have I? That’s cuz I’m a sore loser. Yay for usurping Tigs finally. Remember to pack a half empty suitcase just in case you go shopping.

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