Have you noticed how often movies (especially “summer blockbuster” types) are long integrated commercials nowadays? I think the most egregious that I can think of right now is probably Transformers, which was a series of car ads — GM specifically, I think — I dunno, I’m no expert. But anyways, Iron Man, it didn’t focus so much on one company’s products, but a multitude, instead — LG, Chevy (cars, not the restaurant chain), and Burger King that I remember. It didn’t detract from the overall movie too much, mostly it was well integrated (except Burger King), but if this sort of thing bugs you, you probably don’t want to watch this, or maybe any, summer blockbuster type movie. As far as the movie’s concerned, there are a million reviews out there, so no need for me to get into it, but overall, I liked it. It was fun, and moved well for an origin story — all too often the first movie featuring a superhero is way too much setup and it can get boring, but I thought they did a good job with it. Casting was pretty good too; Robert Downey, Jr. was pretty perfect for Tony Stark. I even liked Gwyneth Paltrow as his assistant Pepper Potts — so much better than Katie Holmes, who marred the otherwise rather good Batman Begins. (It looks like they replaced her with Maggie Gyllenhaal in the Dark Knight!) On the other hand, I confess to a little bit of weakness for comic book superheros, and all I’m looking for in a summer movie is fun, so I’m probably not the most critical person around. So yeah, fun, good for a Saturday afternoon, probably better on the big screen. Oh but one other thing that bugged me: Tony Stark’s lipstick. I don’t know what’s wrong with Robert Downey, Jr.’s lips, but his lipstick always looked much too obvious. Unless he’s one of those people whose lips are just naturally lipstick looking (like Emily Watson), in which case, forget I said anything. But it was weird.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got to say about that! Next weekend, Yut and I are going to visit Chicago, just a quick weekend trip. So if you have any can’t-miss places or restaurants or any other suggestions, lemme know! We don’t have too many plans right now, so anything’s good, but I guess especially if there’s one place that really stands out to you about Chicago, that would be especially helpful cos we only have a weekend. :)