Last week, I went to see the optometrist to check out my eyes, the yearly thing. Well also, I thought my eyes were getting worse, but sometimes when I have that kind of thought then I think I’m probably some kind of hypochondriac so then that let’s me ignore it until I feel like dealing with it. So I guess it’s not so much that I’m a hypochondriac, necessarily, but I’m lazy, and the possible hypochondria is an excuse! Probably.

Anyways, I got my usual lecture about how I shouldn’t wear my contact lenses to sleep, which I admit I do too much of that, but again, lazy! And I was using Focus Night & Days, which are supposed to be ok with extended wear. Also, if they’re comfortable enough then it’s so awesome to wake up and see, and before you ask I haven’t done eye surgery cos my prescription continues to change; maybe not every year, but not steady. So this year, I decided to try a refit for dailies, but I think I went through 5 different lenses (I guess that’s why they charge a refit fee:p) between last week and this week and none of them felt great, so no daily disposables. I’m testing out a pair of Acuvus Oasys now, 2 week disposables, pretty comfortable, I don’t really feel them at all. So I think if you can feel your lens all the time, or they’re sort of uncomfortable, it’s probably a good idea to get a refit, even thought it’s kind of a pain.

After I got home, my eyes were dilated, which sucks, so I took a nap — without my lenses, but that’s cos they were already off, I mean honestly, who plans a nap!