Okay, I believe in voting, but dooooooood!!! I’m voting again — this time in the California state primary election, as in the primaries for US Representatives, the State Senators, etcetc, state stuff. Why couldn’t they have bundled these votes in with the national primary election is beyond me, seems like a waste of time and money. They’re expecting really low turnout, but it would’ve been super high if they’d done this in February. It’s ridiculous! Gah! Erm, ok, end rant. :D

Wait! One more thing! Another annoying thing is that researching this stuff is hard! I’ve been checking the Sierra Club and California League of Conservation Voters and etcetc for endorsements, but they don’t mention everything that’s on the ballot, especially the people I haven’t heard of, of course. I have resorted to checking Facebook, for goodness’ sakes. Geez. Okay now I’m done, for real this time.