Dooooood, so evidently sometime last weekend, or maybe before, I’m not really sure when, my poor little blog was hacked. Well, something happened to it anyways. I didn’t even realize until neb asked if my blog was ok… which it wasn’t! Anyways, so I’ve been backing up and updating things and I’ve a ways to go. Actually I barely know how much I have to do to clean it up. Or maybe it’s already cleaned up. Grr… Guess it serves me right for not keeping up with the updates, but there are so many! Actually WordPress is relatively easy to upgrade, relatively being the operative word. And also, last night I fell asleep at like 8pm, right after dinner. (Yeah, I got all sorts of good habits. :p) Gawd, I know it’s good that the program gets updated, but at this point I would be mad if WordPress 2.6 came out next month. >:(

Okay and since I’m doing this upgrade and all, I think I’m going to stop using Disqus. It’s not that I don’t like it, I do actually, but it’s like 1 more thing to think about and deal with and right now, I don’t wanna! So I’m not totally sure, but I don’t think I can import the comments back in, and they weren’t mirrored, so they are sort of lost. I mean I can still see them on disqus, but not you. Like you care!


  1. Oh wow, I looked at your blog yesterday and didn’t notice anything. What did it look like?

  2. I’m tired of upgrading WordPress. I haven’t done it for the most recent updates and in general it irritates me that I have to update it at all.

    Glad you brought your blog back so easily.

    Also I want to apologize again for Feedable dying!

  3. Yes, I’m sad about the loss of Feedable. For some reason, there were a few blogs I can’t get on Google that were available on Feedable.

  4. Dude, I am irritated too by the updates! But… then I guess it’s not safe to not patch security updates, and I got punished for it. It didn’t look like anything, cos my hosting co. caught it and basically stopped all php from running on the site. So it was just a big blank page.

    And no need to apologize! I am trying out google reader too, but I haven’t been able to reconstruct all the blogs that I was reading, even desultorily. I just can’t remember them all. Oh wells. :) But if you decide to bring back feedable (no pressure), I’M THERE!!!

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