There’s a new Staples in town, and I guess they sent out little presents like, “come check us out” sorta thing, including a $25 coupon. Well this weekend was basically the last weekend to use it, so yesterday we spent over an hour walking up and down the aisle of Staples trying to figure out what to buy. Usually I’m good at buying things, especially tech gadgets, I love ’em! But I dunno, we weren’t really looking for anything and it’s not like $25 is that significant when it comes to gadgety things. In the end, we bought some super glue (you never know when that stuff’ll come in handy), 2 pairs of scissors (we’ve been using the poor kitchen shears for everything), a 6 pack of pens (on sale for 50¢), and… toilet paper (you can’t really have too much toilet paper:p). Also it was Marcal toilet paper, which is one of the brands of 100% recycled paper toilet papers that I hadn’t tried yet. Still, at some point before we realized that Staples actually sells recycled fiber toilet paper, we were standing in front of the bucket of Red Vines trying to decide, no actually discussing, if we could finish them fast enough or if we even wanted to, or if we’d get sick of them, and after they hardened who would eat them. It was totally ridiculous — who knew that randomly trying to spend $25 could be so hard. In the end we paid about $8 something for all that junx, not bad, I guess, and now we really know our local Staples backwards and forwards. Erm, yay.