OMG, they totally did! It hasn’t been a month, and now there’s WordPress 2.6! I know that continuously updating software to fix security flaws is actually a good thing, but it’s a pain! And also, after my previous post, I discovered a user I didn’t create in the users table in my database. So… I felt like I still had stuff to do and I didn’t feel good about posting until I fixed it, but I was lazy. And now I’m glad I didn’t cos I had to update to 2.6 anyways, so at least I did it together.

So… I think it’s pretty much cleaned up now, but I have to re-do all of my prettifying and figure out what plugins I want to use now. I’m too tired! And I know that most people thing that dark text on light background is best, but this default theme is way too glarey! Or I’m getting old. Or something. Gaaaaah, there needs to be 1 button upgrades, even easier than it is now! And I’m ranting but it’s my blog and it really was annoying, SO THERE! :p

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  1. I agree about the too much glare in dark text on light background. Darker websites are easier on the eyes, granted your text isn’t some crazy neon color.

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