I woke up this morning cos of a weird dream.  I mean, I actually have no idea what the dream was about, but the part that woke me up was this crazy swarm of ants crawling all over someone’s jacket.  No idea how the ants fit into the dream, but blech!  But also, I woke up with the unsettling feeling that I’d dreamed about crazy swarms of ants before.  I think it’s cos once I left some hard candy in my backpack too long — the wrapper fell off, and I didn’t realize it was there, and the ants came in (cos they do that in the rainy season) and found it and went crazy!  So I tried to brush them off, but ants are persistent and there’s a million of them and one of me, and I probably hardly count as one since I’m squeamish about bugs, and so finally I had to go wash my backpack, which probably killed a lot of them (although I think I’ve read that ants are ok swimmers).  Which makes me wonder if my dreams are an expression of guilt or if they’re an expression of my fear and squicked-out-ness.  Which is a lot to wonder on a Sunday morning, so I went back to sleep ’til past noon.