Going to Las Vegas for Star Trek: The Experience

Last weekend, we went to Las Vegas, mostly cos Yut told me that Star Trek: The Experience was closing down September 1st and OMGWTFBBQ NOOOOOOOOO! Why would they do that?! It’s complete madness I tell ya! I don’t really consider myself a Trekkie or Trekker, having never been to a convention, or gotten dressed up, or anything like that, and well, I didn’t even know The Experience was closing ’til Yut told me, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode of The Next Generation, and I just think it’s so awesome, especially Captain Picard who is hawtness. I just can’t believe it’s not gonna be around anymore. But I’m so glad we went cos it was so fun! There were people there getting married (dude, we shoulda thought of that, but that might’ve been too much planning:p), and a couple of people dressed up in Star Fleet uniforms, and of course some aliens wandering around.

PictoBrowser requires Adobe Flash Player, but you can also see the Las Vegas photos at flickr.

Oh yeah, and we ate a lot too. :)


  1. I love your first photo. It’s so interesting. At first, I thought it was a painting. And BBQ? Heheee. That serious eh?

  2. hahaha you’re such a nerd!! >_< <3 but i love it. tis adorable… when did you get your hair cut? its cute!

  3. Who me? I’m not really a nerd!!! But I did cut off 3 inches (maybe?) in July, but gosh, I didn’t think it was that noticeable. :)

  4. whoever had plate 1 is a genius

    steak and crab on one plate, how do you lose?

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