Our phone number came up in some random survey about the election, and of course I’m more than happy to tell them my opinions! Which is the opposite of Yut so it works out rather well — the minute that Yut hears that it’s a survey he puts the phone on speaker and hands it to me. So they ask me things like what’s the most important issue in this election for me (the environment, duh!), and all sorts of other things, like if I’m a moderate or liberal or conservative, do I pay attention to the election (a lot? somewhat? not at all?). And it finally gets to the end where they’re basically not even asking about issues anymore, they’re just asking demographic information, like race and stuff. And then the poor guy asks about our annual household income, listing things like under $15,000, yadayada, and so I pick a range and tell the surveying person, that’s it! But one glance at Yut, and I correct myself, “Hold on a sec, I think I’m wrong cos he’s making the craziest face!” So yeah, it turns out I have no idea what we make in a year. And it’s the same thing when he asked if we felt like we were getting ahead or falling behind or staying the same – I’m just not too sure, so I hem and haw and finally tell him about the same. But ok, maybe I’m a time waster for them, but at least I’m nice about the whole thing, not that it took more than 15 minutes even with my indecision.